Got my RadioTopia stickers today. I love most of their podcasts. Among my favorites are Ear Hustle, 99% Invisible, The Allusionist and Song Exploder.

I just moved my personal server from Linode to Hetzner Cloud. I’ve been very happy with Linode, but Hetzner offers more RAM (2 GB vs 1GB), higher transfer cap (20 TB vs 1TB), and almost half the price. Their low-end server starts at €2.49/month.

I have been trying many task management systems over the years with varying success. Last year I was doing some work at a research lab, and some neuroscientists recommended a system by Magdalena Bak-Maier called The Get Productive Grid.

The Portuguese word for «Pull» is pronounced «Push». After 15 years here I still look like an idiot opening doors. I read the word, my brain processes it, and I push.

That feeling when you’ve struggled with an intricate problem for days, and you finally manage to find an elegant solution. Time for a coffee!

I am on a quest to read more books in 2018. So far I’ve read Uncommon Type, a surprisingly good collection of short stories by Tom Hanks (yes, that one), and The Making of a Chef by Michael Ruhlman. Next up is The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo.

At the end of last year I purchased a refurbished WASD Code Poker keyboard for a good price. I wasn’t too thrilled with the keycaps so I ordered a custom set from Signature Plastics which I picked up yesterday. I like it!