I had my vaccine shot earlier in the month, and have now booked the flights to see family and friends in Norway again in early July. I can hardly wait.

I’m back to Obsidian for my personal notes. Logseq is powerful, but it didn’t quite gel with me. There are also some very nice third-party plugins for Obsidian now. It is not at org-mode level yet, but I like it.

Project “Ripping my CD collection” is nearing the end. I had done it once before, but back then I didn’t have the disk space to do it losslessly.

Dinner today was lovely ramen from Ajitama. @maique knows what I am talking about. Son the younger had his mind blown, it was the first time he tried the good stuff.

Just finished the last in a series of interviews for a new position. Same company, different function. I’m super excited.

The mailman brought sonic happiness today.

The album is “Kvitravn” (White Raven) by the Norwegian band Wardruna.

I am officially without a personal computer, DHL came and picked up the Developer Transition Kit from Apple today. (I still have the work Mac, but there are restrictions on what I can do with it. Apple ID is disabled for instance)

I’ve just been to the printers to check the photo I am having framed, and to pick materials for the frame and passepartout. I am very much looking forward to have it ready. Thanks to @purisubzi for the inspiration to have it printed, and to @maique for the recommendation.

Day 31: Defiance

When she was just a year, Brownie was severely ill, didn’t eat or drink, and was two weeks on IV fluids. She defied the odds and pulled through.