Yesterday I was watching “The Petrified Forest” (old movie with Leslie Howard, Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart). I loved it. 📽

The buttons on my camera have gone bonkers, and I haven’t found anybody in Portugal that do service on Ricoh cameras, so I’ll risk voiding the warranty and open it up.

The word suspicion makes me think of noir, which makes me think of Dashiell Hammett. I should re-read him.

I am going to re-read “The Golem and the Djinni” by Helene Wecker. I really liked it, and reading it again now to warm up for the sequel, “The Hidden Palace”

Stationerdery - my two Taschenbegleiters from Roterfaden. The big one is for work, the smaller one has a Techo for journalling and some other inserts for notes and tasks.

I recently discovered a TV show called “Lie to Me” on Netflix. It’s old(ish), aired around 2010 I believe, but I am really enjoying it. Tim Roth plays a researcher who solves crimes by studying facial expressions, body language and tone of voice to see when people are lying.

Recently I have been diving into C++ programming again, and applying some principles from functional programming. I’ve already gained new (for me) insights about object ownership, memory management and state/immutability.