It took a long time, but I finally caught Covid. I’ve had fever and a sore throat for a few days, but it seems to be easing up now.

I was recently in Munich, and in the old olympic village (now student residences) I had the best Dürüm wrap I have ever tasted. They even made the flatbread from scratch.

I started watching “Matrix Resurrection” yesterday, and must admit I am enjoying it so far. Fun fact (for me): early in the film, Trinity’s husband “Chad” appears. The role is played by Chad Stahelski, who was doing stunts for Keanu Reeves in the original trilogy, and is now the director of the John Wick movies.

Many years ago I was on an organized motorcycle trip in the alps, and Chad Stahelski was one of the other participants. He had just finished working on “V for Vendetta”, where (if I remember correctly) he was a stunt coordinator.

Everything is connected.

The war in Ukraine is causing supply shortages, and the main plant of the company I work for has had to shut down production.

This is nothing compared to what is happening in the Ukraine, but it shows how quickly consequences spread.

About to go to the airport for the return to Lisbon. This time I have a stopover in Paris, so I might get a macaron from Ladurée to shorten the wait (hat tip to @Portufraise).

Dipping my toe into MB waters again. With the world going crazy, I need a sane place.

My most recent project: built myself a keyboard from scratch. Had the PCB made in China, got components, switches and keycaps locally, and voila, my very own custom split keyboard.

I had my vaccine shot earlier in the month, and have now booked the flights to see family and friends in Norway again in early July. I can hardly wait.