The good thing about being in a project with a bunch of Swedes is that I can speak my own language in meetings (Norwegian and Swedish are close enough for us to understand each other). The downside is the time difference, so my morning meeting starts at 07:45 :-)

Doing one of my favourites today, giblets (moelas in Portuguese). I never had it before moving here, but I have converted.

After 20 odd years of living and working outside my home country (Norway), I am now in a project with 2 Swedes. It feels great (and strange) to have meetings where I can speak my native tongue. (Swedish and Norwegian are similar enough for us to easily understand each other)

Today I am doing one of my sons’ favourite dishes for dinner, Spaghetti Carbonara. The pancetta has been cured by yours truly.

Today I met with quite a few of the Micro.Blog crowd in Lisbon. It reinforces my belief in the MB community. So great to be with people that are genuinely nice. I am grateful to @manton for creating the space, and to @jean for the awesome community work.

Yesterday I was watching “The Petrified Forest” (old movie with Leslie Howard, Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart). I loved it. 📽