New pointing device on the way, a Kensington Expert trackball. I am also giving in to my rucksack obsession, and ordered a Patagonia Atom Sling for light daily carry.

Yesterday I did a presentation at work showing off Emacs and org-mode. My younger co-workers seemed simultaneously horrified and amazed. Generating a beautifully formatted PDF (thank you pandoc/LaTeX) from plaintext even earned a wow! or two.

I just ordered a Kensington Expert Trackball. I was considering an MX Ergo, but I prefer the finger rolling to thumb rolling, and I also like the four large buttons.

Sometime in the early nineties I walked into a record shop and was mesmerised by the record that was playing there. It was John Martyn’s “BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert”. Such a beautiful album. Still love it.

After Atomic Blonde was mentioned here recently I re-watched (again). One of the reasons I like it so much is that the soundtrack also is the soundtrack of my youth/early adulthood. I also re-visited a different take on the wall crumbling, Goodbye, Lenin. Lovely film.

Arrived back home from holidays in France yesterday, so I was inspired to bake some baguettes for breakfast this morning. 425A8F9F-5F28-4226-AFBB-A955DF7F5B60.jpg

Ok, the cider on the french side of the basque country is as good as the one further south. I love this stuff. 9E2C20BC-F30E-4789-AA25-1CAA9FD56980.jpg

I’ve come to realise that i like the ideas of the Hobonichi Techo more than the Techo itself. Next year I’ll stick with a plain Leuchtturm.

Finally got round to getting a Synology NAS. Super easy to set up, and it already runs a git server and a Plex server, and is a Time Machine Disk for my wife’s Macbook. Also planning to use it as the mail server for my domain. So far I am very happy with it.

I am considering upgrading an old OmniGraffle license. I love that OmniGraffle can open graphviz-files. I can easily create dot-files programmatically, and then open them in OmniGraffle to make them pretty.

Tangible benefits after a few days back on discovered org-super-agenda and elfeed, was not subjected to ads and rants, and reconnected with familiar people. Happy!

Small actions sometimes remove little nags that I didn’t even realize annoyed me. My last edit of the emacs configuration file killed a compilation warning that had been there for months, or even years. I feel at peace!

I just updated Keyboard Maestro to version 9. This is my mostly used utility on the Mac. I have been using it since version 4, and every update is a no-brainer.

Speaking of backpacks, recently my (almost ten year old) Goruck GR1 developed a hole near the bottom. Since Goruck have a lifetime guarantee on their products, I sent it to them for repair. It was too worn down to fix, so they sent me a brand new one! Stellar service.