As usual these days I fell asleep without remembering to the phone to charge. So during the night no-one could call me.


I suddenly want to see Red again. Not the action comedy, but the third film of Kieslowski’s trilogy. I haven’t seen it in many years.

I have a lot to thank for. One specific recent case is the warm reception I got for a photograph I took a while back. @purisubzi sowed the idea of printing ir, and @maique could point to good printers. Now a large print might become a holiday present from me to me.

2020 is the year that keeps on giving.

Today my father had knee replacement surgery, which went well.

Yesterday my father-in-law was rushed to hospital, and it looks like he will need heart surgery.

I continue to be very happy with Capture One for editing RAW files. Combined with Photo Mechanic for triage/culling/renaming/moving, I have found a good workflow.


To write longer posts with pictures interspersed, I use iA writer, then publish to MB. Is there an app on Android that does this also (mixing text and multiple photos)? A friend is asking me, and since I am on Apples’s platform, I know little about what exists for Android.


Another trip to the beach today. There were lots of people there, the sea was full of surfers already at 9am. It seemed like a lot of people wanted to get some sun and fresh air before the curfew at 1pm.

Today I tried to take more pictures of people, which is outside my comfort zone.

I also went looking at the part of Caparica where the fishermen keep their equipment. I like the colourful boats.

Walking along the beach, I happened across two chairs outside a shack, which I liked the look of.

The final picture is of Niko (son the younger), and Kika, his instructor.

It was a lovely day, and getting out of the house to get some fresh air, was good for body and soul.

I’m recycling yesterday’s entry, since it happened to contain both prompts:

“I love winter, when the colours fade and the world turns black and white.”


I am very happy that exists. It has reaffirmed my belief that as a general rule, people are nice. It can be easy to lose sight of sometimes.

I have drunk coffee daily for more than 30 years, and I haven’t developed a dependence yet.



I fondly remember taking the night train between Bergen and Oslo in the winter. The moonlight illuminatng the snowy mountain landscape. I took it regularly to go home in the weekends when I was in the army, and the images are vivid in my head more than 30 years later.


Today will be a mixture of Boomtown Rats and The Bangles.

(“I Don’t Like Mondays” and “Manic Monday” to be more specific)

In Norwegian, the word for “father” is “far”, and “mother” is “mor”.

I live far away from them.


Here are a few more photos I took on the beach today.

A fishermen’s boat

Graffiti of Amália Rodrigues (fado singer) as a DJ, found on the wall of a beach bar.

A surfer warming up to enter the waves.

Looking at the sea.