I’ve just been to the printers to check the photo I am having framed, and to pick materials for the frame and passepartout. I am very much looking forward to have it ready. Thanks to @purisubzi for the inspiration to have it printed, and to @maique for the recommendation.

Day 31: Defiance

When she was just a year, Brownie was severely ill, didn’t eat or drink, and was two weeks on IV fluids. She defied the odds and pulled through.

Just finished my first German lesson. I need to brush up on the very basic school German I learned decades ago.

In early March DHL will pick up my developer kit to be returned to Apple. I’ve decided to go for the Air as my next machine. I was considering the Mini too, but portability wins.

I’ll most likely do a role transition at work soon, and I’m pondering doing a podcast documenting the experience. Working title is “I have no idea of what I’m doing!”