The Heart of Saturday Night by Tom Waits is a great album. Another one I am rediscovering as I transfer my CDs to disk.

I never warmed to the characters of Mr. Bean and Johnny English, so I was very pleasantly surprised by Rowan Atkinson as Inspector Maigret.

The other day I made Teriyaki sauce, and today I did Teriyaki-glazed ribs for lunch. The boys loved them.

I have now picked up what I hope will be the permanent replacement for my MacBook, so today is “install all the software and configure”-day. Thankfully past me has prepared scripts that automates a lot of it.

The little joys of finding things you didn’t realize you missed. This weekend I went shopping at Aldi, and found paprika flavoured crisps, and smoked trout.

I’m not sure if reply editing is a recent feature on, but I just found it, and it’s a godsend. Small screen, fat fingers and aging eyes make for quite a few embarrassing typos, and now I can fix them!

I have been trying out Castro as a podcast client over the last few weeks, and I am very happy with it. Today I purchased a subscription. Not only for the features it unlocks, but also to support the creators.

The weekly shopping is done. I must have been hungry/peckish, because I came home with considerable more snacks and treats than usual.

Today I’m at the beach. I shot some pictures with the camera, transferred them wirelessly to the iPad mini. Then I edited them, wrote a little piece in iA Writer, and published it to via the phone. All while sitting on the pier, listening to the waves. Magic.

Autumn beach

Autumn beach

The beach is different in autumn. A lot less people, and the fishermen are more prevalent.

The tractors are pulling the boats to and from the sea.

A typical fishing vessel

You can even buy the fresh catch, right on the beach.

A little crab dancing on the beach.

Shells and feathers washed ashore.

Walking Brownie

Walking Brownie

I have taken to bringing the camera when I walk the dog in the morning.

This flower is part of a mural on the wall of the municipal assembly hall.

I love the strong yellow of this building.

I like how the washing is hung between the windows. People live their daily lives here.